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Ruadan: international covert surveillance agency

Ruadan is a private investigation agency specialized in using covert surveillance techniques to investigate crimes against animals and the environment.

We can secure vital information to support the campaigns of non profit organizations, help law enforcement agencies to collect proof of illegal activities and provide high quality video and audio footage for media exposés.

Using covert surveillance tactics is often the only way to secure information needed to push forward a campaign, an investigation or a legal inquiry into animal rights abuses but few people have the training, skills or equipment to use these tactics successfully without breaking the law or putting themselves and others in danger. We do.

Take your organisation forward: use elite tactics where they are truly needed!


  • Baiting the trap
    Tony Saunders

    One Man's Secret Battle
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  • Animal Spy
    Terry Spamer
    Gordon Thorburn

    Animal Welfare Behind Enemy Lines.

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